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Pakistan: Police assault transgender residents of Peshawar - two injured

News Peshawar, Pakistan - 20 October 2013

Our contributor reports that two transgender residents of Peshawar, Pakistan have been assaulted by local police in Peshawar, Pakistan:

Police have assaulted the president of shemale (transgender) association in Peshawar and, injunring her and a frend who have been transported to Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar for treatment.

According to the shemale association president Farzana, she was in her home along with another transgender person, when residents of the area came to her home and demanded a dance. "When I refused to dance they started to torture me in my home," she said.

Farzana said that when she went to the police station to register the first investigation report against the people, the local officer of the GulBahar police station namely Ghaffar assaulted Farzana and her friend again at the police station.

After the assaults, a group of transgender people blocked the G.T road near the GulBahar police station and staged a protest against the local’s citizens and police officer of the police station. After half hour police start beating the transgender protesters.

After the protest the injured protesters were transported to Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar for medical treatment.  No reports or charges were registered against the locals or police.

 Farzana called to the transgender residents of the province and said that they will start more protests against the provincial government and the attitude of the KPK police.

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